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Since 1928

Originally founded by Paul Gross and Wally Stevens in 1928

Paul Gross originally worked for a stagecoach line in Phoenix, Arizona, but got transferred to the Santa Fe Stagecoach here in the San Diego. This is where he first met and worked with Wally.  When Wally inherited property in the Tarusa area, just north of Visalia, he discovered a need for a brake and suspension repair shop. Paul agreed to relocate to Visalia with Wally and they gave up working with the stagecoach line for good. They opened their doors for business in what is now more famously known as the Wilson Bicycle Shop in 1928 (fun fact: the bicycle shop was originally a livery stable!). Years later, they moved their shop to Mineral King and Bridge where Highway 198 is now. When Highway 198 was constructed, they moved to Acequia Avenue and Bridge Street to a building that was owned by Arnold Wiebe. They remained at this location until new owner (Paul and Wally retired), Hackell Pershica, moved the business to Main Street in the 1970's. Gross & Stevens was purcahsed again in 1986 after Hack retired and in 1998 was moved back to a location on Acequia Avenue, where it resides today.

A Brief Timeline

1928: Paul Gross   and Wally Stevens open Gross & Stevens.

1930's: The shop moves multiple times before settling on Acequia Avenue.

1947: Haskell (Hack) Pershica begins working at Gross & Stevens.

1955: Hack purchases Gross & Stevens from Paul and Wally. They continue working under Hack in      semi-retirement.

1960's: Paul and Wally officially retire.

1970's: Hack moves the shop to 913 E. Main Street.

1986: John McMahan and Larry Vannorsdall purchase Gross & Stevens from Hack and he retires.

1998: John and Larry purchase property at 1121 E. Acequia Avenue and move the shop.

2000: Gross & Stevens purchase Suspension Specialties (sub-division of Hellwig) and incorporate it into the current operation.

2002: 1.25 acre parcel, south of main building, is purchased.

2003: 4,000 square foot building, 1/2 block east of the main building, is purchased and used for storage.

2004: The first building expansion is completed, adding 3,800 square feet of building space and a paved parking lot.

2008: A 5,000 square foot building is built to house the trailer, RV and large vehicle repair division. The rest of the property is paved.

2012: 3/4 acre parcel, east of the main building, is purchased and developed into a parking lot.

Present: There is now close to 12,000 square feet of building space on 3 acres, 13 employees, and thousands of happy and loyal customers.

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