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Our Customers Love Us!

I have been a customer of Gross & Stevens for 38 years. I have stayed a customer because I get excellent, competent service on my vehicles - all of them, including my 45' RV. They charge a fair price and all the employees are customer friendly. Libby, their black Lab, is an added plus for us dog lovers. And, if that isn't enough, John or Larry or Al are available to explain things to me. I trust them explicitly and highly recommend them. -Don L.

HONEST, TRUSTWORTHY and good people. John, Larry and the Crew! -Mel W.

A different shop told me my alignment was a-ok, driving it told me a different story. Took it down to these guys and they found all the issues the other shop couldn't find. Had me back on the road quickly, even though they had to order the parts, and I felt like I got a brand new car back. Only place   I will go. -Jens Q. 

Life time of knowing the family, they are still the best shop in Visalia. Trusted by their word.   -Connie D.

Will always take the time to answer your questions and will never sell you anything you don't need. -Lyn A

Great group of people. Very professional and honest. -Joyce H.

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